In Economic Crime Operations our variety of roles include financial Investigators and Civil Recovery investigators with an eye for detail who are comfortable working in a challenging environment. They play a crucial role in identifying and recovering the proceeds of crime, causing maximum disruption to serious fraudsters who are loathe to lose their ill-gotten gains. Economic Crime affects all of us. A large proportion of economic crime is conducted by organised crime groups. They operate to make money – and they need to launder money to continue operating. The Economic Crime Supervision teams, along with other UK supervisors, look after those businesses at most risk of being abused in this way by criminals.

What could I be doing?

Your work will be varied – our investigators use their financial expertise, investigative skills and eye for detail to analyse financial records, spot suspicious money movements and transactions, and examine data to gather evidence in criminal and civil investigations. You could find yourself working on cases of complex tax evasion, money laundering, smuggling or even arms dealing offences. You will own and drive forward investigations, accessing the most comprehensive set of asset disruption and recovery tools available to law enforcement. You will build evidence on individuals and organised crime groups, helping to both recover assets and to enhance civil and criminal investigations. You will work with intelligence and investigation colleagues to build a detailed picture of suspicious money flows, working out why transactions are happening and building connections between criminal proceeds and suspect assets.

In our supervision teams we help businesses understand and implement their obligations, ensure only appropriate persons are involved in supervised activity, and take firm and swift action to address those failing to properly implement their legal obligations. Our Investigators review records and interview operators to make decisions that prevent criminal money being laundered. It is fast paced, politically sensitive, challenging and high-profile work and makes a significant impact on tackling illicit finance in the UK.

We engage proactively with a unique set of customers, stakeholders and delivery partners to achieve this. Our variety of roles include civil investigators, analysts and decision makers working seamlessly with our own policy and strategy leads to help protect the UK against the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Do I have the right skills or qualifications?

You will need an inquisitive and analytical mind, but also be able to challenge information face to face and in written communication with a wide range of individuals. Teamwork is vital to what we do, and you’ll have what it takes to be a valued team member. At times you may be expected to work evenings and weekends, so a certain degree of flexibility is required.

You’ll also need to demonstrate strong verbal and numerical aptitude. Applicants should refer to the specific job advert for details of any job-specific qualifications.


Training plays a crucial part in our work here. As well as core training and a structured induction, Economic Crime will provide bespoke training for each of our roles.

We are keen to offer staff the chance to secure professional qualifications and, in addition to role-specific training, Financial Investigators will have access to NCA-approved training packages covering money laundering, cash seizures and forfeiture, financial profiling, use of restraint and confiscation orders, and new powers in the Criminal Finances Act.

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