Intelligence Officers in the Risk and Intelligence Service do challenging criminal intelligence-related work that helps us understand and manage the risks to the tax system. We build operational pictures of criminality by gathering intelligence and then developing intelligence products – profiles and assessments – to help colleagues fight against evasion, fraud and criminal attacks.

What could I be doing?

You’ll spend some time in the office, and some out in the field. Expect a combination of desk-based intelligence activity alongside proactive intelligence gathering, such as static and foot surveillance. You may also be managing human intelligence sources – covert informants – according to strict standards.

Do I have the right skills or qualifications?

You may have an investigative or intelligence background, or else a naturally inquisitive mind. But you’ll also need the ability to build a rapport with a wide range of different people. Teamwork is vital to what we do, and you’ll have what it takes to be a valued team member.

These are definitely not standard 9-to-5 positions. You will be expected to work evenings and weekends, sometimes at short notice. You’ll need a high degree of flexibility and be happy to be on call as required.

You’ll also need to demonstrate strong verbal and numeric aptitude. Applicants should refer to the specific job advert for details of any job-specific qualifications


Training plays a big part in our work here. As well as core training and a structured induction, your role-specific training could include chain of evidence, preparing warrants, giving evidence and more. We also offer advanced training in tradecraft, intelligence practice and methodology, case building skills and source handling.

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